Artistic director

Our artistic director is Alenka Podpečan.
Alenka Podpečan



Alenka Podpečan (1989) comes from Slovenia. She graduated from piano and solo singing in 2008. She has a degree in music education with a special award for the summa cum laude diploma (2014), in choral conducting (2015), and as of September 2017 the first master’s degree in choral conducting at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. In 2017, she received a Student Prešeren Award at the Academy of Music for her master's thesis and achievements.

As an active participant she has participated in various competitions, tours, concerts, seminars in the Netherlands and received several international and national awards. For the final exam at the end of each school year at the academy, she conducted the Slovenian Philharmonic Choir.

In November 2016, the first Matej Hubad national competition "The Sound of my hands" for the young choir conductors was held in Ljubljana. Of the selected 12 candidates, she won the final 2nd place and was only 0.20 points after the winner. She received several additional prizes, among others for the best practice in the semi-finals (baroque program), a fee for the World Choral Symposium in Barcelona, a free participation at the conductor’s seminar at the cultural society Glasbena Matica Ljubljana, and a concert with one of the choirs of the Academy of Music in the 2016/2017 season.

During her studies, she put a lot of time and knowledge into the work with her choirs. She was the conductor of the Mixed choir Cantemus from Kamnik for almost three seasons. At the end of 2016, they attended the international competition in Olomouc, where they received two gold awards and won the 3rd place at the international competition "Zlatnavila" in Prijedor (2017). She has also been a conductor of the Mixed choir Pomlad (Novo mesto) for the past six seasons. With them, she also received 2 gold awards at the competition in Olomouc (2014). She was an assistant to the conductor Marko Vatovec at the Chamber Choir Ave (Ljubljana) for two years, and in September 2017 she became the choir’s conductor and she already won a gold award with excellence at the regional competition after only two-month work.

In the 2017/2018 season, she became an assistant to the conductor Sebastjan Vrhovnik at the cultural society Glasbena Matica Ljubljana. During the season, they conducted several vocal-instrumental projects with the choir. She also got an assistant position at the Academy of Music – at the Choral Conducting Department and took over the Mixed choir of the Academy of Music. Together with the conductor Sebastjan Vrhovnik, she prepared the newly formed Chamber choir of the Academy of Music for the prestigious national competition "Naša pesem" in Maribor (April 2018) and won the absolute 2nd place, the award for the best program and the best novelty (the adaptation of the folk song).

Alenka Podpečan sings in the international choir Utopia & Reality Chamber choir and has performed in Norway (2014), Ireland (2014 and 2015), China (2014), Greece (2017), and Russia (2017). The choir is led by the renowned conductors Ragnar Rasmussen and Urša Lah Rasmussen.

In March 2017, she accepted the invitation of the American conductor Eduardo Garcia-Novelli and went to Wisconsin, USA, where she performed a concert of Slovene folk and other choral compositions with the Carthage College Choir and the Master Singers of Milwaukee.

Her master's concert at the end of the choral conducting studies (2017) was dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Protestantism and Reformation. The program included adaptations of songs from the period of Slovene and German Protestantism, which were adapted by the Slovene and foreign composers from different periods of music. With the students of composition at the Academy of Music she also performed the Stephan Langenberg’s vocal-instrumental cantata Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott as the first in Slovenia.