About us

Komorni zbor Ave

Ave Chamber Choir was founded in 1984 in the parish Ljubljana-Vic as the Ave Vocal Ensemble. Under the artistic leadership of the founder Andraz Hauptman the vocal ensemble soon outgrew their home parish and with quality performances of diverse choir music captivated audiences in Slovenia as well as abroad. At the same time the vocal ensemble expanded into chamber choir with singers from all over the country.

The choir has successfully competed in many national and international competitions and festivals as well as performed concerts across Slovenia and on tours abroad: in Argentina (2000), Austria (2004, 2008), Belgium (1993), Bulgaria (2010), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile (2000), Croatia (2007), Denmark (1996), Egypt (1994), Estonia (2001), Finland (2006), France (1993, 1997, 1998, 2010), Greece (1996), Italy (1998, 1999), South Africa (1995), Canada (1994), Luxemburg, Macedonia, Germany (1991, 1999), Serbia (2006), Spain (1994, 2007), Switzerland (1998), Vatican (1999) and USA (1994, 1997).

KZ Ave

The choir received numerous awards and plaques for their outstanding performances; it has won one or more first prizes at 13 choral competitions. The choir received the most recent international recognition as a finalist at the prestigious competition “European Grand Prix for Choral Singing 2010” in Varna, Bulgaria, where it placed by winning the International Choral Competition in Maribor in spring 2009. AVE gained the award of the city of Ljubljana (1994), The award of the Preseren Fund (1994), The plaque of the city of Ljubljana (2000) and a silver plaque awarded from the Association of Cultural Societies (2002).

KZ Ave

Ave partook as a demonstration choir in several seminars on choral music and an international competition for young choral conductors. The choir collaborated with respected conductors Eric Ericson (Sweden), Gary Graden (Sweden) and Martina Batic (Slovenia). Ave Chamber Choir released several cassettes and CDs of diverse music and has recently published a new double CD “Ave Live” with recordings from recent concerts and competitions.

In the season 2002/03 Branka Potocnik Krajnik took over the artistic leadership of the choir, however, the choir entered its third decade of existence under the resumed artistic leadership by Andraz Hauptman. Artistic leader of the choir since May 2011 is Jerica Gregorc Bukovec.

Ave remains one of the most renowned vocal ensembles in Slovenia and Europe. We look in the future with inextinguishable desire for superb performance of choral music.